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March Hare Trial winner Dean Partington successfully restarts on Hill Farm. Peter and James Mountain skilfully positioned the line to catch out many of the experienced competitors (Picture by Dave Cook).

Markyate Truck Stop. A few Hundred yards from Junction 9 on the M1, Plenty of Trailer Parking and a good breakfast available. The finish venue was just down the road.

Duncan and Eleanor Welch chewing things over with scruitineers John and Alex

Mike Hayward waving Adrian Tucker-Peake away from the start

Byway - A long straight climb on loose stones which had been resurfaced since last year. Simon Robson had organised a restart and deviation for classes 6 and 7.

Peter Grenyer was in one of the three Suzuki X90's taking part.

Byway - Another hill used for the first time on last fears modern March Hare but perhaps used by Falcon in the 50's. The section is a well surfaced track, approached by more than two miles of green lanes! Chief Official Murray MacDonald had organised a muddy deviation for classes 7 and 8

With his Trojan in Class 2 John Wilton was able to bypass the deviation where the marshals are standing (Picture by Dave Cook)

Mike Chatwin tackling the deviation in his Troll (Picture by Dave Cook)

Byway - Cress Beds and Water Tower into one long section, with a restart for all classes on the step up to the road. The remainder of the section has been rather spoilt by the County Council who have filled in the ruts!

Reg Taylor marshalled the start and Geoff Jackson the restart.

Clive Booth and John Allsop were at the section.

Special Test followed by a sub-divided section on Private Land.

John White struggled to stop his motor fluffing on the lower reaches but went on to clean the section and win class four

Stephen Kingstone spun to a halt at the three marker to drop his only marks before lunch. Stephen went on to win Class Five.

Two sections on Private Land, both sub divided.

Andy Kilby competed in Class 0 in his MGB GT. Class 0 omitted the hills with deep ruts

Nigel Jones and David Hunt cleaned both of the Edlesborough sections.

Two sub-divided sections on Private Land.

Jack Endley watching his spinning rear wheel as he searches for grip on Brickhills sandy surface. (Picture by Julian Robinson)

Tim Foster and Becky Bishop restart their Ford Special (Picture by Julian Robinson)

Julian Lack in his Liege, one of seven in the event (Picture by Julian Robinson)

Peter Morley was is his daily driver VW Beetle (Picture by Julian Robinson)

Brickhill was marshalled by The Herts VW Club. Check out their web site at http://www.hertsvwclub.org/

Special test and a Section on Private land.

Don Stringer and Stella Pearce on the special test.

Peter Grenyer attempting the observed section before it was cancelled.

County Road - Clean/Fail. Ian Davis had organised a restart for classes 3 to 8.

A Liege view of the start. The section goes up through the tunnel of trees.

County Road - Clean/Fail with a restart for classes 3 to 8 run by last years winners Jim and Peter Mountain.

John Rowland failing to get away from the restart in Peter Thompson's Opel Ascona (Picture by Dave Cook)

Don Stringer and Stella Peace in one of the three Austin 7's taking part. (Picture by Dave Cook)

Harry Butcher slipped sideways into the rut and failed to get away. (Picture by Dave Cook)

Two time winner Duncan Welch was another to fall victim to Jim and Peters Restart (Picture by Dave Cook)

It was planned to run the same four sections as last year. Unfortunately the heavens came down and so many cars became stuck it was decided to cancel all four sections.

Nigel Jones tackles Beetle Drive before conditions deteriorated.

Stuart Forrest

First published on Classical Gas

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